Episodes | Mommy's New Medicine

Mommy's New Medicine is a podcast where we journey into the heart of modern parenting, with a twist. Host Monica navigates the complex intersection of motherhood, mental health, cannabis, and the transformative power of technology.
Following a battle with infertility, a traumatic birth, and the depths of postpartum depression, Monica turned to alcohol for comfort. But in order to become the mother she aspired to be, she had to rethink her choices.
Through therapy, hard work, and a surprising ally – cannabis – she's discovered a new way to be present and proactive in my family's life. Mommy's New Medicine will explore the responsible use of cannabis, contrasting its benefits and overcoming the stigmas surrounding it, especially in light of society's views on alcohol. It's time to demystify this path and offer a fresh perspective on what wellness can look like for modern moms.
We're also pushing boundaries by delving into how cutting-edge tech and AI tools can revolutionize parenting. From enhancing family life to finding comfort in the digital age, this podcast is a hub for tech-savvy, mindful parenting.
Join us in candid conversations with moms, experts, and advocates. We'll share personal stories, professional insights, and practical tech solutions. Together, we're building a community of informed, adaptable, and connected mothers.